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fw 2015

Knit felted slub tank

Tartan cropped flares

'I'm So Tired' sweater & mesh rose gloves

Scarf tie pants

Knit felted slub coat

Thread dolman sweater

Tartan blanket skirt

Knit felted cardigan

Felted low-rise jean

'Night Before' dress

Moth hole sweater

Moth hole wrap skirt

'I'm So Sorry' wrap jacket

Knit felted house pant

Baby blanket coat


Velvet rose top

Knit felted mini skirt

Dread bra & velvet rose gloves

Tartan dread tank

Knit felted house shorts

Photography: Thomas McCarthy

Styling: Patric Dicaprio

Is Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng.
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Photography: Thomas McCarthy

Styling: Patric Dicaprio

Art Direction & Design: Studio D—M