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ss 2015

Detached grey slip dress

Gold raglan pinstripe knit dress

Pajama jacket and elastic knit top

Grey wrap pants

Orange body wrap and rayon knit top

Blue linen wrap skirt

Grey single strap top

Orange knit tie and linen side pants

Golden woven top

Grey elastic knit skirt

Linene v-back top

Gold board shorts

Green elastic knit bather

Checked linen skort

Gold knited bra

Orange board shorts

Orange knit elastic bather

Orange slip apron and green rayon knit slip

Canvas raglan coat and silver knit body wrap

Canvas slit trousers

Denim top and canvas shift dress

Orange board shorts

Canvas apron

Gold pinstripe knit shorts

Blue linen adjustable strap dress

Photography: Corey Olsen

Styling: Patric Dicaprio

Is Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng.
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Photography: Corey Olsen

Styling: Patric Dicaprio

Art Direction & Design: Studio D—M