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ss 2018

Cut out shirt (white)

Long Fly Skirt (white)

Wrap Shirt

Long Fly Skirt

Bandage Dress


Bandage Bandeau

Long Fly Skirt

Double Strap Ribbed Bra

Wrap Tie Pant 

Bandage Mummy Dress


Bandage Mummy Dress


Sleeve Dress


Bias Seam Dress


Sleeve Mini Dress


Sleeve Knit Tank

Ribbed Knit Skirt

Alphabet 'GC' Airbrush T

Long Fly Pants 

Alphabet 'GC' Airbrush Bandeau

Alphabet 'GC' Airbrush Skirt

Cut Out Shirt Dress


Alphabet 'GC' Airbrush Dress


Cut Out Shirt (Plaid)

Long Fly Skirt (Plaid)

Cut Out Shirt (White)

Apron Skirt

Sleeve Knit Dress


Photography: Dillon Sachs

Video: Harry Hughes

Is Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng.
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Our stockists include: SSENSEMaryam Nassir Zadeh (NY)Cafe Forgot (NY)Maimoun (New York)Soop Soop (Toronto), 3ff345 (Montreal)t.a. (NY), Doza Shop (LA)Radd Lounge (Tokyo), and Distal Phalanx (Melbourne).

Photography: Dillon Sachs

Video: Harry Hughes

Art Direction & Design: Studio D—M