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ss 2019

Is Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng.
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Our stockists include: SSENSEMaryam Nassir Zadeh (NY)Cafe Forgot (NY)Maimoun (New York)Soop Soop (Toronto), 3ff345 (Montreal)t.a. (NY), Doza Shop (LA)Radd Lounge (Tokyo), and Distal Phalanx (Melbourne).

Video: Michel Sayegh
Images: Mitchell Sams
Styling: Thistle Brown
Casting: Jakob Landvik
Production: Harbinger Creative
PR: Evan & Andre Lenox
Music: Esra Padgett
Favorite Dutchess Print: Jared Madere
Oyster Shell Buttons: Bea Fremderman
Hair: Nero for Mr. Smith
Makeup: Deanna Melluso for Sunday Riley and 100% Pure

Art Direction & Design: Studio D—M